Welcome to Edgymods DodgeRam lowering links  formerly Adjustable Air Ride. Proud to say that I am the 1st company to sell escalade lowering links for vehicle with factory Air Ride to alter their height. It all started back in 2003 when I bought a brand new CL55 and wanted to lower it. Electric Modules came out 1st that were really expensive and wires needed to be cut for the installation. I then read discussions on MB World about moving the ride height sensors. A few methods were proposed. Washers under the brackets, bending the stock Links or just making up new ones with metal straps. I tried them all. Installation was very time consuming and hard to get the vehicle to sit exactly how I wanted.

After a few designs I developed a fully Adjustable that would fit directly onto the factory ball studs. Made sure they clipped on securely and would not self adjust. Installation needed to be a breeze and have enough adjustment to make the vehicle sit exactly how you wanted. Some people like it really low and others just a slight drop. In most cases all that’s needed is a flat head screwdriver or adjustable escalade lowering links wrench to remove the factory Links.  May also be returned back to stock without any detection of being modified.

Must say it is pretty interesting to see the amount of copying that has gone on over the years. Most common is from Ebay. I do list some kits on there but these other people are something else. A majority of the stock photos, context and FAQ is all from my original site. The best one has to be for the CL55 kit. They actually use my old car, parked in my drive way with my dog on the passenger side. Their Link Kits are nothing like mine and good luck getting any kind of customer service.

I recently started selling Jet Ski parts as well. Prefer Seadoo products. Been modifying them since 2004 with my old RXP 215 and done everything from mild to complete engine over hauls. Know them inside and out. Now a days I prefer to do just a few bolt ons to keep it reliable and efficient. Tuning can take so much time and breaking down can ruin a summer. Find the new Seadoo 300hp engines are a great platform and only take a few modifications to get above 80mph. Cruising at 50mph will give you great range and fuel economy. All that’s needed is a Maptune, Intake and cut the screen from the intake manifold. An impeller is a good add on but not necessarily needed.

Also like Skidoo Snowmobiles. Being from B.C. we have the best terrain in the world. Whistler has the most amazing mountain ranges imaginable and then further into the interior by Sicamous and Revelstoke is a sledders paradise. Done a fair amount of modifications on them too. Played around with turbo kits on the older 800’s, different exhaust and clutching. It’s ok but not really worth the time and then breaking down in the back country is worse then on the water. Towing out of a valley can be nearly impossible and helicopter rides are really expensive. If you want performance from a sled get a newer factory Turbo Skidoo with a 3” paddle. All that’s needed is a Maptune, Exhaust Can and Riderz Clutching. I promise you’ll be smiling ear to ear as you’re flying up any hill.

Buying  links  from us you can feel completely confident you’re getting top notch quality parts from a supplier that has 1st hand experience with installations and how every product works. Technical assistance is just a phone call, text or email away. I’m always by my phone and really enjoy helping others.

Thank you!

 John Vranic